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Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (born May 19, 1976 in Mauldin, South
Carolina), often simply known as KG, is a
professional basketball player in the NBA. He is
also known by the nickname The Big Ticket. After
graduating from Farragut Academy in Chicago, he
was drafted in 1995, the first player in 20 years
to join the league straight from high school.
Because of his freakish athleticism and 7-foot
stature, he is widely considered to be one of the
most unique and revolutionary basketball players
ever to play the game. Garnett can play all five
positions on the floor, though he has made his
mark playing the power forward position.

Garnett started slow, but ended up leading the
Minnesota Timberwolves in blocks in his rookie
season. He has since become not only the best
player on the Timberwolves, but also one of the
best players in the NBA. Garnett was selected to
play in every All-Star game after his second
season, winning All-Star MVP in 2003.

Garnett was a candidate for league MVP in 2002 and
2003, finishing second in the voting to Tim Duncan
in 2003. He was named league MVP in 2004 after
posting 24.3 points per game and leading the NBA
in rebounds per game at 13.9.

Garnett and the Timberwolves have had difficulty
in the playoffs, however, losing seven consecutive
first round series. This streak ended in 2004, as
the Timberwolves achieved the best record in the
Western Conference and defeated the Denver Nuggets
and Sacramento Kings in the playoffs before losing
to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western
Conference Finals. In the process, Garnett
silenced numerous critics when he became only the
5th player in history to record 30+ points and 20+
rebounds in a 7th game. He registered 32 points
and 21 rebounds in the Game 7 victory over
Sacramento. Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell
played key roles alongside Garnett in the
Timberwolves\' 2004 success. However, they failed
to match this performance in 2005, leading to the
Timberwolves\' shocking failure to make the
playoffs that year.

Kevin married long time girlfriend Brandi Padilla
in the summer of 2004. The two had a private
ceremony in California. The wedding was the reason
he did not take part in the Olympic games. Brandi
is sisters with the wife of Jimmy Jam Harris who
is one of Kevin\'s close friends.

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