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Alex English

Alex English (born January 5 1954 in Columbia,
South Carolina) is a former University of South
Carolina and Denver Nuggets basketball player. He
was a top scorer in the NBA throughout the decade
of the 1980s, averaging 21.5 points and 5.5
rebounds per game. He was named to seven NBA
All-Star teams, his #2 jersey was retired by the
Nuggets, and he was elected to the Basketball Hall
of Fame.

English spent the vast majority of his career with
the Nuggets, but also played briefly with the
Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers and Dallas

English's style has been described as smooth and
elegant. While he did not possess the physical
strength of his contemporaries Dominique Wilkins
and James Worthy, he relied more on his technique
and his finesse. These skills allowed him to place
11th on the NBA all-time scoring list, as of July
2005. Besides, he has the distinction of being the
basketball player having scored the most points in
the 80's.

In June 2004, English was hired to become the
director of player development, as well as one of
the assistant coach (sport)|coaches for the
Toronto Raptors.

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